Vanilla and Rum Custard Pudding

Following the recipe from:

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And reading the reviews, especially the portions about avoiding lumps, I embarked on my first foray to making a custard pudding. Yet there were still lumps => thank God for the blender which did the job of eliminating the lumps!

Ingredients list:

1) 475 ml of milk
2) 100 g white sugar
3) 25 g cornstarch
4) 2 g salt
5) 5 ml natural vanilla essence
6) 5 ml natural rum essence
7) 15 g butter
8) 1 egg yolk to thicken the mixture
9) Cocoa powder for beauty purpose

Whip stirring the mixture on a medium size pan, for about 15mins over low heat. As there was still some lumps, finally poured the mixture into a blender. At this point, the mixture had started to coagulate; this is the signal that things are going well.

Blended for about 1min, then poured into 4 serving cups. Since the mixture was still warm, left it to cool for about 5mins, then put them into the fridge (not the freezer).

Ready to serve anytime, depending on your chilling level required.

Roundup & Reflections: taste was palatable to me and my food tasters, though my Dad said it was too sweet. Thinking back, I think 100g of sugar to make 5 servings of pudding, seems shocking! Next time, I will reduce to ~70g of sugar to make 5 servings.
Pudding texture was smooth.

My Chef Friend told me that, instead of corn starch he only used egg yolks for thickening purpose.

In the next attempt, I will just dump all the ingredients to the blender and let the machine do the job!


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